A science to miracles?

I wonder if miracles aren’t more scientific than we think… they say that we are composed of energy, that energy is everywhere, and that energy never dies. Not to mention how electrical our brains are with our neurons firing and sending signals throughout our minds and bodies… neurotransmitter’s… the whole deal. 

So, I wonder if miracles might just be, getting on the right signal. Like a radio acquiring a signal in a way… 

I will go on record as saying that I still believe miracles are possible and that they may have happened in Earth’s history… I always say, God had a plan and had to achieve it, but he would still try and leave us in the best possible situation while achieving said goal… 

So, I think miracles are possible, just possibly very difficult to achieve, have to get your inner body and mind perfectly in line and sending or receiving the proper signal… I think we link up with the spiritual energy of the world, the energy that is all around us and guiding us. 

I think prayers can work, but perhaps we just have a very weak signal with the spiritual energy right now… so we only affect our surrounding very minutely, example: Not a full complete miracle, but perhaps a doctor finds the needle in the haystack when checking out some issue within your body… 

Not that all miracles would happen, because there is also a reason for everything… perhaps some are unfortunately meant to die before old age slowly takes them. 

I think miracles are achieved by being full of love and inner peace, also through enlightenment and having clarity about the world. I think there is a hierarchy within the spiritual energy possibly as well, where you can only achieve miracles by being who you truly are. Whereas, Jesus was able to achieve miracles by being God’s Son, and his disciples by being disciples… If of course you believe Jesus did perform miracles… I actually still like to believe, and just believe that we as humans lost our connection with the spiritual energy.  

So, I believe that miracles are possible and even potentially things like ESP (the ability for two humans to connect mentally)… one person transmits… the other receives… like a radio… we are electrically charged! Haha. The more we dig into our brains, the more we realize we have in common with computers… hehe 

My ultimate fantasy though…is that God left an escape plan… a backdoor to heaven. I like to think that if enough people connected with the spiritual energy of the world and prayed… perhaps Jesus will come floating down from heaven, that we may open up some dimensional portal or something. I don’t know, like I said before, if God could do it while achieving his plan, he would.  

It is really the only logical way I could see the Jesus floating down from heaven thing happen, that there is a backdoor, an escape clause… that if this world becomes enlightened and so full of love and positive energy, that one day we may cheat death as a world and universe. In a way, world peace and love are something we have never tried… and the devil would probably never even see it as a possibility.  Perhaps, that is why we are a little over populated right now, to have enough positive energy in the world…  

I don’t know, probably wishful thinking, but what have we got to lose by trying? If it doesn’t work, but we achieve world peace and everybody getting along, and a world full of love and togetherness… it wasn’t exactly a loss… 

I have personally felt at times I was on a path to achieving miracles… I think I have a recipe, possibly though, no promises… but unfortunately, I am in an initiation/bet that keeps me well chained to the floor… I just don’t see it as very achievable while I am in this situation… I know how to get myself in a very good place mentally, I just can’t do it while people are out to make my life as miserable as possible… I just have to settle for being as comfortable as I can for now…  

But in conclusion, why couldn’t there be a science to miracles? Energy, connects all life and things… why couldn’t someone get on the right frequency to send out a signal or manipulate the surrounding energy? 

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