The Comedy show of Comedy quotes…

Feel free to steal this idea… I would be interested if it would work. I often times wonder if I could do a comedy show that relied heavily on movie quotes, especially from comedies. To a point that I would assign movie homework before you came to one of my shows… Watch these movies before you come. 

I have personally found quoting movies to be one of the most universal laugh getters ever. Especially if presented properly, people will be on the floor laughing, reliving old movie scenes and quotes. Heck, my dad and I have at least one or two Seinfeld sessions a year, just dying laughing while quoting scenes… tears running down our faces. In fact, sometimes movies are even funnier when you talk about them, than when you originally watched them! 

I like to use the line, I speak fluent movie quotes because they have become such a huge part of my life. My brain is wired for them… I will discuss it in a later blog in more detail… but my mind made the correlation that I get many laughs and happy thoughts from movie quotes, so remembering movie quotes comes pretty easy, but I don’t watch many movies anymore… 

This will probably be my shortest blog post yet… more just something to maybe talk about at the water cooler… where you probably have exchanged some of your favorite lines… 

But, do you think a person could do a comedy show that revolved around movie quotes and scenes in a major way? Would you do the homework assignment of watching a particular list of movies before you went to a show? I think it could catch on, it would all be a matter of presentation, but there has to be a comedian that could do it right… and it would probably be something a comedian could continue to do over many years, because there are always new movies coming out. 

I just have a feeling if it was done right, people would be in tears laughing… 

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