Joining the Journaling Club…

As I have been moving further along with my journaling/blogging endeavor, I feel I am starting to become part of the greater community of journalers. It became clearer as I have been searching out new writing prompts and trying to find inspiration. There is a lot of information and ideas being shared by people that have been keeping a daily journal for years. I am certainly starting to find my stride a bit, trying out an eclectic approach to my blog. I know a lot of professional bloggers say the best thing to do, is find a way to help people, many seem to be very specific. Which, my blog doesn’t help people with a very specific thing, but I like to think some people might find it interesting and thought provoking. Perhaps following along like a novel series that continues to be written, along for the ride so to speak. I like to think it might help some people with anxiety as well for different reasons. 

The latest idea I have stumbled upon, given to me by a fellow journaler, is to take a quote and write what you think about it. So, I decided to try one out today… “I have always imagined that paradise will be some kind of library” – Jorge Luis Borges… I like the general concept of this idea, the idea of your mind having all of these endless adventures to go on, not mention, being able to relive your favorites whenever you want… 

I like to picture the actual adventure library in heaven… If you read my blog post “are morals in one dimension, different from another?”, you would know I subscribe to the idea of the zone in heaven, where we can go on any adventure we want and live out all of our fantasies, if you think of our dream world compared to our awake world in a way, a place to go mentally where there are completely different rules of reality. I think people will just keep coming up with new ideas to try out and people will have endless real adventures to go on. I also think we will have the ability to forget about previous times when we do them again, so we can re-live things again, for the first time.  

We should never get bored in heaven is my main point, I think that is one of the biggest concerns of existing and being capable of thought, it is the struggle to not be bored, to not be so bored that you would rather be dead. I think as far as heaven is concerned are primary goal is about chasing happiness and avoiding boredom. I personally think if we all lived long enough in this dimension, we would probably all end up killing ourselves at some point, even just out of sheer boredom… we get bored enough in 100 years and battle anxiety and depression… imagine living under these parameters and conditions for thousands or millions of years, just on entertainment alone, you would go nuts, it would all feel like groundhog’s day eventually. 

As eternal beings we need to have endless entertainment laid out before us, and the ability to relive things over again for the first time… I think those are two of the most important things of our existence… boredom is a killer… 

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