Are the laws of our country part of a greater shared religion?

Would you consider the laws of our country a shared religion in a way? Almost as if we have been developing a greater religion a bit. I say that because, our laws guide all of our religions. We say we have freedom of religion, but we all have to follow the laws still. We can’t sacrifice virgins, or claim our religion doesn’t allow us to serve African Americans at our restaurant… 

I just feel like, without realizing it, we may have been making a grand religion in a way, that we all share. Slowly but surely, debating different theologies as we integrate them all together, while applying science…. making for a more fact-based religion. While there are many different religions, I wonder if our current political and law system doesn’t lay the ground work for everybody under a single religion someday… one guided by reason, logic, sharing ideas, etc… things that already make our country great, but could make a religion great as well… everything always up for debate and up for discussion. 

A more democratic religion… which even if we all were the same religion someday, I would still be for separation of church & state… Like to me, if we were all the same religion, I wouldn’t want people over a certain rank in the church to be allowed to run for offices within the government… and the Gov’t should rely on logic and reasoning… not trying to interpret what God may have said about something or some sign from above… I also just think holding too high of a religious position and running for office is a conflict of interest, trying to think of an analogy, maybe like your therapist telling you who to vote for or dating your therapist? The church is for spiritual guidance… 

It would certainly be interesting if we all ever shared the same religion though, we would have to figure out the separation of church & state… I am still for it… I am however, a little bit for bringing theology into schools, not an official stance, but I can’t see why we couldn’t debate and study all religions from a scientific perspective still… I don’t think it hurts for all kids to spend a little time wondering about God and religion though, I think it could help a bit with the delinquency… I did read one time, that the crime rate started to shoot up progressively as we took the bible out of schools, not sure if that was fake news or not… Not saying we need to bring just the bible back, but perhaps some theology to get some deeper thinking about morals and right and wrong, a pursuit of knowledge about existence and things greater than us all… 

I feel like the kids would be ready to study theology… I am just not sure parents are ready for their children to study theology… we would definitely have to figure out a good curriculum. Maybe we should keep it out all-together… but you also have to think about kids from broken homes or neglectful parents, that will never encourage their kids to do some soul-searching thinking about theology and our existence… which many have been known to fall into juvenile delinquency… something to think about anyways… 

This all brings to mind some thoughts of how sometimes 1% of people can dictate the lives of 99% of the people… But that is a story for another day….  Debatable whether it is a bad thing or not, probably positives and negatives… 

Hope you are all having a good weekend! 

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