Think it is time to step up our Santa Claus game… (Plus, I am getting tired of watching the same movies every year!)

For years I have been sitting on this idea and sculpting it a bit. But I think Santa Claus should retire and set up a democracy. Not saying that Santa Clause has to die or anything and that he can’t be a part of Christmas. Perhaps the North Pole could even be ruled by a constitutional monarchy or something of that nature. But I am a big fan of bringing in many new faces to the Christmas festivities, which has a lot of interesting implications. 

I was personally thinking every two to four years the elves vote on a new Santa Clause, perhaps even all the children around the world could vote, but that may be going a step to far. Among the candidates could be Nobel Prize winners, humanitarians, philanthropists, hard workers, etc… which they could be fictional of course. Plus, they could be from all different races and ethnicities from around the world. But it would be someone stepping up to take on the duties of Santa Claus. 

I have also felt for some time that we need to get are story straight about Santa Clause, I would be for giving over control of the enterprise to group at Disney or something like that, perhaps could have some elected board or commission in charge of Santa Claus. But it would be nice to have a proper origin story and then go from there. Have a group in charge of official Santa Claus business though. Not that other people couldn’t make movies or whatever as well, which brings me to the next point. 

We are kinda beating Santa Claus to death anymore, not much new every year, watching the same movies over and over, or just creating a hundred different versions of Santa. This would open up a whole new level of marketing and merchandising. New movies all the time, I am sure there will even be adult comedies made every year and things like that, which could definitely be funny. New collectibles of all the new Santas. But it would definitely get the idea wheels a churning in my opinion. 

Plus, when you think of it, Santa Clause is one of the first people you ever love when your little. It could be good for children to learn to love someone of a different race or ethnicity. Especially one of the most loved characters of all time. Not to mention it will make the Santa Claus experience much more inclusive to everyone around the world in my opinion. 

Which, while I got you all here, I am also for just a one or two presents from Santa Claus proposal. Not that parents can’t get a child more, but they should be from you. I don’t think it is good that some kids think that Santa loves another child more and things like that. In, fact what I am really for, is one of the presents being like a Santa or Christmas themed trinket. A reasonably priced necklace, pocket watch, earrings, bracelet, pocket token, etc… a keepsake to always remember their Santa Claus experience when they get older. Plus, something in the price range that everyone could afford or people could donate so that all children feel like Santa loves them. Then of course maybe like one other reasonable toy from Santa. Then at school, perhaps the policy could just for kids to share only what Santa Clause himself or herself brought them. 

Also, in favor of having a set year when we tell the children that Santa Claus isn’t real and that it is something we do to help foster children’s imagination. Then explain to them that we are only telling them because they are big kids now and that they have to help keep the secret from all the younger children. Explaining Santa could then become a rite of passage almost for a youngster. This could be important if we are all working together, because we may make Santa Claus almost too believable if you know what I mean! Kids may be believing a bit too long. 

Some things to think about anyways… But I feel like if we are going to do this Santa Claus business, we should do it right! That and I want new Christmas movies to watch!

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