This is living the dream a bit…

Well my disability hearing got pushed back… It of course would fall on the national day of mourning (Government shutdown) for George H.W. Bush… my thoughts on that perhaps tomorrow… 

I did a little investigating, and realized that my hearing may be pushed back a few months potentially, which then I would have to wait to get the decision as well, which could potentially be another few months, so realizing I might have another 6 months before I really find out about anything, I decided I would try to change things up a little bit. 

What I did was, I arranged a new working arrangement with my father. Instead of just coming in for a little while in the morning, I am going to hang out at the shop all day and spread my work out over the course of the day. I am able to do this because he has a little apartment above the shop that nobody is using… so I have turned it into a little simple office/living room…. 

So, throughout the day, in between working I can work on my blog, write articles, paint, marketing, tweeting, and really try to take a shot at developing a writing career. Thinking down the road, I thought it may even be fun to do a podcast someday, perhaps if I get following. 

I think a very big part of this initiation/bet (See about me section), and actually my whole life, is covering up any notion that I am a savant, or very smart. Everything gets downplayed and they always try to keep me in the illusion that I am average (nothing wrong with being average of course!) So, essentially nothing can come extremely easy in that regard, I can’t just share some groundbreaking thought and expect it to spread like wildfire like it would under normal circumstances. 

I hold out hope that either this endeavor will take off or I get disability. I am really going to try and give this a shot, if of course I am even allowed to make a living writing from home. I am banking on the hope that I just have to be very persistent, follow the path of a standard writer in a way. I am thinking of sending out 2 article packages a day to newspapers, maybe doing a little more advertising, trying to find creative and standard methods of getting myself out there. Then hopefully little by little I may get a customer or two until I build up a decent paycheck to make a living. 

I don’t know if it will work though, all prior attempts would indicate that it will not… I feel like I am putting gold out there and only getting a little bit of feedback. The thing is I do get some comments from people that they are reading them… so maybe… Persistence may be the key… 

I am in a rather optimal position to pursue this goal though, I almost feel like I started self-employment today in a way and am renting out a nice little upstairs office space. This is living the dream a bit…

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