Is there a doctor in the house?

This is more of a random thought post… but what are your thoughts on people that are not medical doctors wanting to be called doctor? 

I am normally strongly by the opinion… if someone yells out, “is there a Doctor here?” during a medical emergency, and you can’t raise your hand, then you shouldn’t expect society to call you a doctor in the public realm.  

I might on a personal level make an exception when in like a psychiatrist’s office or something like that. It could be considered important in the Psychiatrist/patient relationship to call them Doctor. It keeps the relationship much more professional. 

But I was watching the news the other day and the anchor even referred to a non-medical doctor as doctor, And I thought, is that what we are doing now? Is the news setting the precedent here and trying to change the societal norm a bit? Which, of course I wondered… what do I think about that? 

Could it be good for society to refer to people that achieved their doctorate by Dr.? To afford these people that privilege? I think society in a way is always trying to put a check on people’s ego’s… we don’t want people getting swelled heads and thinking they are better than everyone… thinking they are never wrong and always right just because of a few extra years of education. We give out status titles sparingly and to those deserving. 

But, if they could keep themselves grounded (maybe that should be part of their education), could it be good to allow this status title within our culture? We all tend to be so competitive and love our little victories and trophies and all that… would it be something that perhaps more people would strive for then? This top tier of education. 

Not something that should be demanded… many of us would quickly dislike someone if we called them Mr. or Mrs. Jones and they corrected us by saying, actually its Dr. Jones… We would be thinking, more like Dr. Douche… 

But, if through conversation or something we learned that you were a doctor, or someone else told us… or through humble means, could it be good for our children to see us afford these individuals a little extra status? A little trophy they may like to attain someday? 

I definitely am not trying to start a greater of argument over smarts and street smarts, and what jobs are more important, etc, etc… but it certainly benefits society when people are well educated… Even if you were a construction worker or something, it’s not like it would be a negative thing to have a doctorate degree… besides it going to people’s heads, it is a good thing in general… 

While it shouldn’t mean that someone is always right about everything, it might also help people to appreciate a person’s viewpoint more about a specialized topic anyways, give them a level of credibility. 

Then perhaps in medical emergency, we might yell, “is there a medical doctor in the house?”, or maybe when someone is yelling it is already implied… 

Something to think about anyways… my thoughts have strayed to the middle a bit… I think it was one of those things when they first started doing it, it went to everyone’s heads so much, society was like, we gatta put these people in their place a bit. But I wonder if it isn’t time to maybe give them another chance at wearing their titles. 

I used to laugh at the thought that there are two degrees of students… the one that is like, man college was really hard, I can’t believe I made it through, humble… then on the other side is the I graduated college, I am now officially smarter than everyone… Same degree, same grades, but come out with completely different mindsets…

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