Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 7…

Thoughts in order as they appeared while reading… Not a super lot of input from my end this week… 


That is a bit funny, the students and the last two weeks of the semester 

Pretty Clever study, a good chance I would have been one of the students that brings the class average down (During my first attempt at college anyways, my old mindset) 

  • This is one of the reasons I still think about taking more classes. It is something that forces me to do a little reading and writing. I can tend to have trouble staying motivated otherwise. My commitment to this blog has proven a substantial motivator though! The Eclectic Schizophrenic may be the perfect outlet for me while I am in my current situation. 
  • (Side note: This was written before I found out I was denied disability. Looks like I will be trying to go back to school now. Looks like I will have lots of motivation coming in the future to continue reading and writing.) 

He makes a strong argument as to why work environments may have come to be the way they are and how it could even be considered vital to Human existence to have some sort of chain of command in the workplace. We seem to at least need a reliable way of holding ourselves accountable at the minimum. 

  • Based off of one study of course! Which they are also young college students who may need an extra shove in the right direction 
  • You know what I mean though, when we are dealing in industries that are vital to life, they need to run like a fine oiled machine… can’t let procrastination spread like a cancer throughout the work place and industry. 

I am not sure I could see either of the first two health care plans ever coming to fruition… Perhaps if your healthcare provider just offered you money or some sort of incentive for showing up. Some sort of preventative care incentive plan. 

  • I was always back and forth about that seat belt law… If it is making the road more dangerous for other people I could better understand. For instance, if you weren’t buckled and had to swerve, which then that made you slide over in your car making it harder for you to control your car, increasing the likelihood of an accident… But they always seem to sell it as protecting ourselves from ourselves, not in normal American fashion for sure. We are usually very anti nanny state, that the government isn’t our mother… My fellow Americans have certainly instilled that belief into me. I suppose I could be open to hearing debate over certain nanny state proposals. Which these are often problems that overlap between kids and adults though… Smoking cigarettes would seem to be a hotly debated issue these days… 

Very cool with the Smart Credit Cart… 

  • It is a mark against Humans that it was potentially denied because companies would rather prey on people that have trouble controlling their spending habits, rather than help them. 
  • That is one of the bad things about our economy at times… profit at all costs… out of control spending ruins lives and the environment. 

Interesting tie in between B.F. Skinner’s “schedules of reinforcement” and e-mail. 

  • Could also play a factor into Facebook and my Favorite Meme website for me… 
  • A very thoughtful and keen observation for sure… this Author definitely seems wired for psychology! 

Pretty cool to see some of what I learned in college in action this chapter. 

Thought provoking closing thought, wondering if putting more focus on teaching and understanding decision making might be better for the overall health of the country (world). 

  • I still might argue that medical technology is more important 
  • How much has insulin alone raised the life expectancy of the country I wonder? 
  • Does insulin count as technology? I think it might fall under the umbrella. 
  • Could say the same for other drugs and technology and their effect on life expectancy… all added together, could amount to many extra years for people. 
  • In 1910 life expectancy for white men was 49 years of age… Pretty crazy when you think about it… One might argue our increase over the years was more the cause of technology rather than lifestyle choices. 
  • Probably technology in general increased it a lot… Safer work environments, medical technology, etc… 


Interesting chapter… I will be interested to see if the Smart Credit Card ever takes off, very cool to know who came up with the idea! 

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