Integrating video games into school/work… might be a good idea…

I had an idea for motivating school kids to get some work done a while back… I worry it might not be a super great idea because it might not instill the intrinsic motivation that many educators and psychologists would prefer. Which I definitely understand the desire to want kids to have their own internal fire for gaining knowledge, particularly one that goes on to last throughout their lifetime. Intrinsic motivation is very important for a multitude of reasons. 

It might help some students though get through the monotony of the day in and day out homework though, or perhaps get some students to do work that might not otherwise do it… It might just be a well-intentioned idea that doesn’t have the effect we would prefer though… 

Either way I am going to share it though…  

Inspired by the video game Fortnite, I had a thought… what if we made a console or a series of video games designed for school age students? Maybe even allow some students to borrow a console to take home with them or something. The idea though, is that instead of kids paying money to get new outfits, dances, etc… when they finish their homework assignments, they get in game credit to use. Could design a multitude of games including mmorpg’s… I wouldn’t want the games to follow a “pay to win” type system, but it does seem there are many other in game items that kids and teens would want to purchase. Gamers definitely know what I am talking about. 

If some developers could design some games that kids really enjoy playing, it might give them some extra drive to get their homework done anyways… 

Like I was saying though, I would be worried about taking away the intrinsic motivation from many students though… Maybe if integrated properly it could instill a bit of both though, intrinsic and extrinsic. I mean, adults still got to get paid right? Even if they also enjoy what they are doing… 

I wondered about making a console specifically for grade school kids, up through high school. That when they graduate, they would no longer be able to use it. Separate the worlds a little bit, perhaps have a better handle over controlling content. 

Could be a good idea though… 

Sometimes I even wonder if it might help some adults get through their workdays as well… Allow some gamer’s have their boss sign up to be part of the system, get so much credit for hours worked or something of that nature. Would be interesting for like an mmorpg or something, to integrate it with trade skilling… have it count towards leveling a character or making so many in game items or something… that way you are like playing the game even when you are at work… I wondered how much I would even enjoy that… whatever makes the workday easier for you I say… Not the worst Idea for sure… Many people might love it actually! 

Some stuff to think about anyways! 

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