Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 10…

Thoughts in order as I was reading along with the chapter…


Geez, that study was a lot deeper mentally than I originally thought. Once he got into deep contemplation and started talking about changing the “physiology of the experience itself”, that really gets you thinking.

  • This could make choices difficult even when we are armed with this knowledge. Would help knowing, but it certainly wouldn’t render the information obsolete
  • I am sure marketing is all over this predictably irrational behavior. You could potentially have millions of people like and buy something they wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Ironic I saw something pop up in one of my news feeds about dark psychology that was showing people how to manipulate other people. This could certainly be in!
  • Given information ahead of time could in some ways almost be impossible to not acknowledge or have change your viewpoint.
  • Deep stuff for sure!
  • Can be used for good and bad I suppose… if you’re not being darkly manipulated, it could be nice to think you are drinking the best cup of coffee you ever had… would be nice to feel and taste like everything you had was the best of everything, even if it wasn’t… the “shallow hal” of consumables… I’m sure this can be very prevalent in high society, to even just make someone think it’s the best beforehand can greatly help your cause!

The Priming can speak to the power of having motivational words or quotes on our walls or places we can see them (or hear them).

To go back a page, I was going to add to the stereotypes, that they could also be considered a survival trait as well, not just for making sense of the world. If 4 out of 5 bald people you met were threatening, you would then most likely be weary of bald people, in evolutionary terms you might say for good reason… You know what I am getting at though, we evolved to survive, and detecting threats is part of that… although our internal meters can also often times be thrown off by misinformation, but I will save that for another day.

  • I just think sometimes we fail to realize the evolutionary element and why certain people develop stereotypes… could be their unique life experiences or a group feeding them misinformation or only part of the information, or telling them the information they want them to hear in order to manipulate them… to artificially inflate the numbers and facts to throw off our internal mechanism
  • I like Bobby Fisher and try to give him the benefit of the doubt… maybe he was thinking logically when he was getting bad, but he was thinking logically based off of false and misleading information, putting his trust in the wrong people… which he them developed a delusional version of the world in his head… He probably also suffered from a mental illness or two as well…
  • I bring this up for the sake of understanding…

Powerful stuff, talking about bias’s and major conflicts, arguments, diplomacy, etc…

  • I think some of the bias also comes from fear of being excluded from a group. Agreeing with the opposite side on something can hurt your relations with your people… When I look back at history, I wonder how many leaders agreed with points the other side was making, but they decided they needed to be very strategic… they might otherwise be replaced by someone who didn’t think that way and wasn’t bringing the sides closer to an agreement. The mob rules for sure to a major extent. (not that it also can’t be bad if someone is hiding their true feelings, we like to think our representatives are telling us how they truly feel)
  • Who even knows when two sides do agree to something (peace even) and then have to figure out how they will get their people to understand…

I wonder how much of a difference it would make if Bell played on a sea side boardwalk when people weren’t particularly rushed… I have seen decent crowds form on a boardwalk…

  • I of course get the point… just saying though… on our way to work is not a time to stop for almost any reason for most people, obviously there are some reasons to stop though!

Perhaps I should start believing I am secretly being given the best foods & drinks on the planet for supermarket prices! (Either way it is some of the best food that ever existed by many standards)

  • I tend to favor diners and country restaurants for the most part anyways… I have never seemed to have a palate for the “finer” things in life… I really think in a lot of cases it has to do with the taste buds you are born with probably… I should consider myself lucky for deriving more pleasure from less expensive foods!

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