Brick & Mortar Dating Websites…

This was an idea I came up with during college… I think it was social psychology, is was in response to a writing prompt for class… that class had such good writing prompts! 

The idea was for Brick & Mortar Dating Websites… I don’t know how well current dating websites will do with how easy it is to lie on them, or even be scammed on them for that matter… I think more and more people will gradually turn away from them… But I still believe in the potential of dating websites to bring a lot of people together, many people would actually prefer websites over traditional meeting methods. 

So… you have a dating website, but it has brick & mortar locations… You go to these locations to sign up for the website and make your profile legit… They verify you are who you really are, they take some of their own pictures, maybe run criminal background checks, etc…  This should make the website much more legit and hopefully safer as well… 

Then you would use the dating website as usual from your home or wherever for that matter… Which, hopefully dating websites get better and better at finding ways of bringing couples together… also safer and safer ways for that matter! 

You get the general idea though… I don’t think it requires too much further explanation… 

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