A new draft system for professional sports teams…

A while back I had an idea for restructuring sports teams and the draft to make teams consistently more fair year after year… 

The idea is that every so many years, let’s say 3 to 5, every player gets put back into a draft and teams pick their players. A little like the old playground days when we were younger. Then in-between you would still have the normal draft every year. 

The pay scale could be based off when players get picked in the draft. I am not exactly sure how you would handle trading in between major drafts, but I am sure the league could think of something. 

I just think this would make teams much fairer and would make for much better competition as well. Plus, you could avoid when players collaborate to make super teams and the like. 

Seems a logical way to do things… my opinion anyways, something to think about. 

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