I once met a man who thinks he is Jimi Hendrix…

I once met a man who thinks he is Jimi Hendrix… an interesting phenomenon, is that the community accepts him as such. He is a local celebrity. He isn’t exceptionally high functioning outside of that in his life, in fact he may be somewhat homeless. I like that the community is accepting and comfortable with him in his unique reality… we could all probably argue that it is out of his control… He isn’t pretending, it’s not and act, he isn’t doing it for attention, he didn’t just wake up one day and decide he was going to try and convince everyone he is Jimi Hendrix… to say that there is nothing manipulative about his situation… I could understand a community pushing back against someone doing it for ulterior motives… But instead, the community just understands and accepts him as is… 

I suppose that is the type of acceptance I am looking for in some ways… A major difference is that I am rather high functioning and can contemplate my situation and experience metacognition… I just made dean’s list this last semester at college and made president’s list every semester at community college. I do however live in my own unique reality compared to the world around me, which you can read about in my “about me” section. I can’t change my thinking, I am locked in. This is my reality, this is the life I live, I will die thinking this way. 

Me in Jimi Hendrix are the same in many ways… I suppose I wish to flourish in my community in some of the same ways he does, although I am well aware of his limitations. 

I want to live my reality and feel comfortable… I want people to be aware of my reality and be accepting… I don’t like having to feel like I must hide it and live different lives; the life I live in my head and the life I must live to fit in…  

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