Coffee Shop Goals and Mental Well Being…

I have decided I am going to open a little coffee shop after I finish school, I think I have a pretty good plan for one… 

I am going to commit to the belief that it is going to work out and try to be excited and optimistic. I am going to stay positive in order to get through the next couple years of school. I don’t want to fall into the negative thinking roller coaster of thinking it is going to work out one day and then think it is not going to work out the next. I am really going to go for it. I think by being in a good mindset, it will give me a chance to keep recovering from my depression. I feel like if I have a good two years, even if the coffee shop doesn’t work out, I should be in a better place mentally. So, I am going to have to push past my learned helplessness mentality I have fallen into and just commit to the idea that the coffee shop will work. It is one of the only mindsets that makes me feel good about the future… it feels like it is either think this way or fall into depressive thinking… 

I am hopeful for other reasons as well… normally my ideas fall on deaf ears, they are just blown off or put into the category of a hobby or something. I am normally essentially told something is not going to work out, but I try and make myself believe it will anyways. But in this instance, I have gotten positive feedback, people telling me it may be the right idea for me, a friend of mine even wanting to open it with me. It is certainly different in that regard, will make it easier to convince myself it will work for the next couple years. 

So, the next couple years may not be too bad… it really is about getting into the right mindset for me… 

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